torek, 01. marec 2016

Work In Progress Sherp 4x4

So I was skyping with a good firend of mine, Braker23 and he gave me an idea to build the famous russian vehicle sherp.

So you might be asking, whats a sherp?
Well if a picture is worth a  1000 words I guess a video is worth a million.

So as you can see the sherp is a skid-steering 4x4 all terrain amphibious vehicle. Wow, that was a mouth-full :)

So after playing a bit in Lego Digitial Designer I came up with a simple prototype built around the small boat hull and for the wheels I choose a combiantion of tumbler wheels and inverted track elements.

So after tweaking a bit, here's the real version FLOATING in water (insert a F*** Yeah comment in here)

 More detailed view of the now hopefully-soon-to-be-dry version here:

And here's the money shot of the model's belly showing the reinfrocments used to keep from full from sliding out and wheels from spreading apart:

Where do we go from here?

Well I have to fix the issues of 36 tooth gears slipping at high torque, I need 4 more tracks (anyone got a spare to borrow?) and I need to make it pretty... But not to pretty, since it cannot support too much weight on water, so it has to be pretty like a model. Handsome and light.

In other news I ordered all the parts needed to finish the Silverfox and make the oshkosh 10x10, so keep checking my blog and youtube for updates.